Sowing Futures for Communities and At-risk Youth

Global Communities and the John Deere Foundation are working in partnership to identify opportunities for expanding community development activities that catalyze meaningful change for communities in need located near John Deere’s Brazil and Argentina's operations. The mission of this program is to build the capacity of communities and local institutions to prioritize needs and mobilize resources that improve socio-economic conditions, particularly for at-risk youth. Sowing Futures started in Brazil in 2015 and in Argentina in 2018.

After meetings with residents and local stakeholders in some of the poorest communities near John Deere’s operations, Global Communities developed an initial assessment that identified a core set of community concerns that were both local and national in significance. The primary objectives of the program will address these problems through a complementary mutually reinforcing set of objectives. They are:

  1. Build the capacity of community leaders and local institutions to carry out community development
  2. Create youth leaders and increase youth civic participation in public affairs
  3. Provide at-risk youth gainful employment opportunities through vocational training

Sowing Futures´ implementation approach draws upon Global Communities’ Participatory Action for Community Enhancement (PACE) methodology, which is our method of facilitating community development that unites and empowers

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