Bosnia and Herzegovina

Through LIDER, Global Communities' microfinance institution, small business and households have increased access to credit.


Vitas Romania contributes to the development of communities and the rise of household incomes by offering loans to expand small and medium enterprises and improve housing.


Global Communities is working with local partners to strengthen local governance, improve conditions for development of communities and promote stability. 




Global Communities' efforts in Armenia focused on job creation for vulnerable, rural communities through the rehabilitation and repair of community-prioritized infrastructure.


The Community Development Activity Program provided direct community development by training democratically elected Community Development Councils to help communities prioritize, plan, budget and implement local projects.


Global Communities provided vocational training in the construction sector and expanding employment opportunities through community-identified infrastructure projects.


Global Communities helped to improve the learning environment in Kosovo schools by addressing the urgent need for new and upgraded facilities.


Global Communities worked with small and medium enterprises to help expand economic opportunities in Northern Montenegro. With a special focus on the tourism and agriculture sectors,Global Communities provided technical support and capacity building to local enterprises to help them become more competitive.


From 2000-2011, Global Communities worked in Serbia to promote peace, stability and economic development. Most recently, Global Communities helped communities prepare for disasters while promoting job creation in partnership with local businesses.