Infrastructure & Construction

Global Communities began as the Cooperative Housing Foundation, bringing communities together in the construction of housing. While today housing and other construction is a smaller part of our work, we continue to use our expertise to support projects that are developed through participatory decision-making based on community priorities. An infrastructure project is not just an end in itself, but a way to engage the community in participatory processes to see the positive, constructive outcomes that are delivered by working together in a manner that unites the community.

Project Management and Compliance

Global Communities has developed a suite of construction supervision and quality assurance tools to help our local partners keep construction projects on track and comply with environmental, health, and international building safety standards. From the construction of new roads to waste water treatment plants, Global Communities develops local capacity to mitigate environmental impacts, keep construction on time and within budget, and to ensure that design is user-driven, addressing gender needs and accessibility.

Green Building

Worldwide, buildings account for 40 percent of global carbon emissions. Global Communities is a member of the US Green Building Council and advocates for green construction practices that conserve energy and water and help communities adapt to the changing environment. We also help our local partners apply innovative, sustainable solutions to improve infrastructure and service delivery. Since 2010, for example, Global Communities has run several major conferences in the West Bank on Green Building, and we have built some of the first green constructions in the territory, as well as in Kosovo.