Governance & Urban Management

Global Communities’ work in governance and urban management focuses on partnering with local government, promoting citizen participation, and working with community stakeholders to adopt inclusive, comprehensive, and long-term approaches to tackling issues stemming from poverty, rapid urbanization, and climate change.

Citizen Engagement, Accountability, and Policy Reform

Global Communities applies participatory principles toward enhancing citizen engagement in planning, budgeting, service delivery, housing, access to land, and employment. Our community-based responses are designed to meet all types of challenges, from assisting the private sector and governments in developing new towns and communities to density management. We support governing systems that promote accountability, mechanisms like Citizen Report Cards for citizen feedback, and transparency in financial allocations.

Service Delivery and Performance Measurement

We provide technical support to local governments, utilities, businesses, and communities to improve service delivery and oversight, especially in relation to water, sanitation, roads, electricity, and solid waste management. To promote efficiency, we link service providers to the private sector and microfinance institutions and take a decentralized approach with an emphasis on pro-poor investment. We help local governments apply tools like GIS, organizational assessments, and surveys to monitor and measure service quality and customer satisfaction.

Municipal Financial Management

Global Communities provides assistance to all levels of government in rural and rapidly urbanizing centers to improve effective, results-based public financial management. We assist in the development of policy and the use of technology to incre ase revenue and efficiency. We also focus on issues related to inclusiveness in the development and administration of budgets and financial management and emphasize mobilizing local resources.

Climate Adaptation and Mitigation

We promote practices that enable urban and peri-urban communities to adapt to changes in climate, through the use of solar energy, solutions to generate energy from solid waste, or reuse of gray water.

Global Communities is implementing Governance and Urban Management projects in Colombia, Ghana, Haiti, India, Iraq, Liberia, Nicaragua, and the West Bank and Gaza.

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